Cover photo of the current issue titeled "A future without growth"


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Cover photo of the current issue titeled "A future without growth"
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Feature: »A future without growth«

We cannot carry on as we are: We are running out of time to tackle climate change; raw materials and fossil fuels are dwindling; and the older population in industrialized countries is growing. While in the past every crisis could be overcome by opening up new markets and resources and introducing new products and structures, the concept of perpetual growth has finally reached its limits. But what now? What will the world be like without growth? How will our living environment change with industry sectors falling by the wayside, skilled labour lacking, and young people moving away from entire regions? Sociologists from the University of Jena, alongside experts from other disci­plines, are thoroughly addressing these questions and taking an analytical and critical look at our future.critical look at our future.



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