Current research topics and exciting stories, reports and interviews.


The Magazine of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Current research topics and exciting stories, reports and interviews.
Image: Marco Körner

Informative and entertaining, providing illustrative details, the magazine reports about current research findings at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, presents its people and their scientific visions. News reports, interviews, and photo galleries give you exciting insights into the world of science. The research magazine LICHTGEDANKEN addresses all curious readers beyond research and teaching, too.

Current edition

Issue 12 of the magazine is about water research at the University of Jena.
The elixir of life
Why we need water and how we can protect it

Previous editions

Issue on glass as a material and glass research at the University of Jena.
Glass–our revolutionary companion
Cover of the magazine LICHTGEDANKEN issue 10.
On the legacy of Romanticism in the modern world
Experimental facility for the spectroscopic analysis of ultra-thin 2D materials.
Nonlinear optics in the nano world
Poster on the corona situation in Jena (March 2020)
The online magazine on the corona pandemic
Cover photo of the current issue titeled "A future without growth"
We cannot carry on as we are
Packaging medicines in tailor-made nanoparticles
Lichtgedanken 04 EN
Light is more than a physical phenomenon.
cover microscopic worlds
About the great significance of the tiniest beings
Cover Lichtgedanken edition2 / en
500 Years of Reformation

You can find the issues of the research magazine LICHTGEDANKEN in the university facilities, in canteens, and cafeterias. If you want to receive your own issue by post, please send an e-mail with your name and address to The magazine is published twice a year, in German and in English.