since 2016
Cover of the magazine LICHTGEDANKEN issue 10.
10 – The imagined reality
On the legacy of Romanticism in the modern world
Experimental facility for the spectroscopic analysis of ultra-thin 2D materials.
09 – The glow of atoms
About nonlinear optics in the nanoworld
Poster on the corona situation in Jena (March 2020)
08 – Keep your distance!
The online issue about the corona pandemic
Cover photo of the current issue titeled "A future without growth"
07 – A future without growth
We cannot carry on as we are
Cover photo Lichtgedanken 06
06 – Building blocks of life
Zoologist Ernst Haeckel died 100 years ago
Coverfoto Ausgabe 05 LICHTGEDANKEN
05 – Made-to-Measure Medication
Packaging medicines in tailor-made nanoparticles
Coverfoto Ausgabe 04 LICHTGEDANKEN
04 – A bundle of energy
Light is more than a physical phenomenon
Coverfoto Ausgabe 03 LICHTGEDANKEN
03 – Microscopic worlds
About the great significance of the tiniest beings
Coverfoto Ausgabe 02 LICHTGEDANKEN
02 – Time of upheaval
500 Years of Reformation
Coverfoto Ausgabe 01 LICHTGEDANKEN
01 – Global Understanding
(available only in German)