since 2016
Issue on glass as a material and glass research at the University of Jena.
Glass–our revolutionary companion
Cover of the magazine LICHTGEDANKEN issue 10.
On the legacy of Romanticism in the modern world
Experimental facility for the spectroscopic analysis of ultra-thin 2D materials.
About nonlinear optics in the nanoworld
Poster on the corona situation in Jena (March 2020)
The online issue about the corona pandemic
Cover photo of the current issue titeled "A future without growth"
We cannot carry on as we are
Cover photo Lichtgedanken 06
Zoologist Ernst Haeckel died 100 years ago
Coverfoto Ausgabe 05 LICHTGEDANKEN
Packaging medicines in tailor-made nanoparticles
Coverfoto Ausgabe 04 LICHTGEDANKEN
Light is more than a physical phenomenon
Coverfoto Ausgabe 03 LICHTGEDANKEN
About the great significance of the tiniest beings
Coverfoto Ausgabe 02 LICHTGEDANKEN
500 Years of Reformation
Coverfoto Ausgabe 01 LICHTGEDANKEN
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