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Tiny seed shrimps as bioindicators

In a joint research project, the Palaeontology and Micropalaeontology research group at the University of Jena and a team at the University of Hong Kong are exploring ways to identify, count and measure tiny ostracods (sometimes known as »seed shrimps«) using AI. In an initial study, the team examined the pictured ostracod fauna from Lake Stechlin in Brandenburg.

Ostracods of various sizes (Scale: bar equals 1 mm)
Ostracods of various sizes (Scale: bar equals 1 mm)
Picture: Ella Quante

Ostracods are a highly diverse group of microscopic crustaceans that appear in all kinds of waters. Their calcite shells are preserved in the sediment over long periods. They therefore make excellent bioindicators and, as fossils, can be used to reconstruct environmental and climatic conditions.