Prohibition of the right of entry in Jena. Closed benches on the university campus (March 2020)

When corona came to Germany

A review in interviews on the corona pandemic and its consequences
Prohibition of the right of entry in Jena. Closed benches on the university campus (March 2020)
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

A country comes to a standstill – science stays awake

The »novel coronavirus« SARS-CoV-2 had reached Germany by January 2020. Initially, there were only a few cases attributable to a single source, but from the end of February onwards, the number of reports of new infections increased. On 28 February, the Robert Koch Institute still classified the risk for the population in Germany as »low to moderate«, but since 17 March as »high« and for high-risk groups since 26 March as »very high«. In Thuringia, the first corona cases occurred at the beginning of March, and in mid-March the first infections were also confirmed in Jena. Schools and daycare centres in Thuringia closed from 17 March. On 20 March, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena went into emergency operation.

Public life had largely come to a standstill. Students, researchers and university employees found themselves mostly working from home, full of questions in the face of the spreading pandemic. We took advantage of this special time to ask the scientists of our university about the corona crisis. The result is a series of interviews that provide answers to some of these questions from different disciplines and at the same time show snapshots of the corona development itself. The interviews are arranged in chronological order.

Sozialgeograph Simon Runkel
Jena social geographer Simon Runkel on 'social distancing'
Assistant Prof. Dr Anika Klafki
Law scholar Anika Klafki discusses curfews
Communication and media psychologist Prof. Dr Tobias Rothmund
Interview with communication scientist Tobias Rothmund
Psychologist Dr Barbara Schmidt
Interview with psychologist Barbara Schmidt
Soziologe Klaus Dörre
Sociologist Klaus Dörre on the pandemic's social consequences
Intensivmediziner Prof. Dr. Matthias Pletz
Physician Matthias Pletz on the situation at the Jena hospital
Soziologe Hartmut Rosa
Sociologist Hartmut Rosa on the shut-down society
Prof. Dr. Andreas Freytag ist Professor für Wirtschaftspolitik.
Economist Andreas Freytag on the economic crisis and coronabonds
Prof. Dr Klaus Vieweg
Hegel expert Klaus Vieweg on freedom in times of corona
Assistant Professor Dr Christian Kreuder-Sonnen
Policy expert Christian Kreuder-Sonnen on crisis management
Chemiker Dr. Michael Böhme
Chemist Michael Böhme creates graphics for COVID-19 case numbers
Bioinformatician Prof. Dr Manja Marz and chemist Prof. Dr Georg Pohnert.
On the role of viruses: Manja Marz and Georg Pohnert