Feature »Pandemic«

What is being researched at the University of Jena on corona viruses and the consequences of the pandemic​.
Coronaviruses are being sequenced at the Institute of Infectious Diseases and Infection Control.
Fighting Viruses with Knowledge
Jena research projects on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19
Virus genomes can be analysed outside the laboratory using devices that are the size of a USB stick.
Corona Workshop and Communication Centre
Bioinformatics Centre bundles tools for corona research
The communication researchers have assigned all study participants to a specific group type.
Scientific Discours around Corona Virus and the General Public
How many people seek simple answers to complex questions
Economic geographer Björn Braunschweig surveyed Jena’s shops and other places.
How is the Corona Crisis Affecting Companies?
Economic geographers study consequences for Thuringian companies
The quick antibody test determines whether someone has had the coronavirus at some point in the past.
A Drop of Blood is All it Takes
Coronavirus antibody test from Jena in use worldwide
Deliah Bolesta is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Jena.
Panic Buying as a Control Mechanism
Deliah Bolesta on human behaviour in times of crisis
Prof. Dr Andreas Freytag (left) and Prof. Dr Uwe Cantner discuss in the science podcast EXPERTISEN.
Prohibition of the right of entry in Jena. Closed benches on the university campus (March 2020)
with Walter Rosenthal, Petra Dickmann & Andreas Beelmann
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