The latest results of research
Nikolai Miklucho-Maclay made this depiction of a human skull as an illustration for Carl Gegenbaur's lecture notes.
Transcripts and sketches provide insight into zoology teaching
Artist's impression of a kilonova occurring after the merger of neutron stars.
What X-ray vision reveals about a kilonova
Prototype of a mobile parcel station from the manufacturer Rinspeed.
How parcel delivery can become more environmentally friendly
Test cassettes of several COVID19 antigen rapid tests.
National identification promotes acceptance of Corona measures
The "Imre Kertész Kolleg" is based in the Griesbach Garden House.
»Imre Kertész Kolleg« presents volume on 20th century history
Prof. Dr Gerhard G. Paulus presents the »do-it-yourself« experimental set-up with which he and physics student Jonathan Bollig have uncovered a scientific fallacy.
Ampère's law put to the test